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Saturday, February 25, 2006


So, over the past few weeks, it seems that taking a risk has been a major theme in my life. Over and over again, it's been brought about in subtle and not so subtle ways. The week of my sixth month review, my boss gave me a little "sneak peek" of what he was going to say. He happened to be filling out the portion on innovation and said, "You need to take more risks...Your assignment is to go skydiving."

I think that same week the speaker in chapel apparently spoke on taking risks. I had several people tell me that I should have been there - both Nick and John told me I needed to get the tape.

Even as Nick and I have begun a journey together, I have been consciously aware of the risk that is involved in opening my heart to him.

Now tonight, I ran across this quote and feel very strongly that this is the crux of where I'm at. I don't know, God...can you be anymore clear?

Then the time came when the risk it took

To remain tight in a bud was more painful

Than the risk it took to blossom.

--Anais Nin


Anonymous patsy said...

feel very strongly that this is the crux of where I'm at.

crux = The Cross

Seems to me, you're right in the center of His heart. There's no safer place to take a risk...

10:18 PM

Anonymous Nick Ciske said...

So... does that mean you're going skydiving with me this summer? ;-)

4:26 PM

Blogger Jen said...

What a wonderful time! Enjoy this! Taking risks cause God is telling you to? How can it be bad? I'm so excited for you. (Maybe enthusiasm was not the response you were looking for?)

Skydiving...man. Things really change when you have kids. I could only do that after they were done "needing me".

10:21 PM

Blogger Jen said...

I think my comment blew up. :(

10:22 PM

Blogger wanting more said...

I love this... I miss you and I miss being among those who are intimate with Jesus, longing and looking for His work in their lives....hope to talk to you soon.

By the way, I didn't know you liked Anais Nin...I am a fan also.

3:51 PM


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